Airport Lighting Connector Sealing Kit for L-823 Connector/Cable Assemblies

The Innovative Power Products Airport Lighting Sleeve kit is a heat-shrinkable polyolefin sleeve and mastic sealant strips for each end. The ALS kit is designed to mechanically protect and environmentally seal L-823 cable/connector combinations from the rigors of direct burial and exposure to water and water-borne solvents like jet fuel and oil.

  • The sleeve is installed in just a few simple steps:

    • Position heatshrinkable sleeve over the cable
    • Install connector assembly and clean cable.
    • Apply mastic sealant at each end of connector
    • Center the sleeve over the connector assembly
    • Shrink the sleeve in place.

  • The sleeve is easily removed by scoring it with a knife from end to end and re-heating. Since only the ends of the sleeve contact the sealant, the connector assembly remains clean. This allows for easy installation of the new cable and /or connector assembly and sealing sleeve.

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  • The SLK02 base kit contains everything needed to seal; and insulate the connections, less connectors:

    • 1 each Heat-shrinkable sleeve
    • 2 each Mastic Sealant Strips
    • 1 each Solvent Wipe Pack (Solvent saturated, lint free towel for cleaning cable jacket)
    • 1 each Installation Guide

  • The kits are packaged to provide one (1) splice per kit and fifty (50) kits per box as a standard package. Each kit is individually bagged and sealed in its own polyethylene bag.

  • ALS 35/140: Price List PL-365 Airport Lighting Cable Splice Kits

For sealing airport lighting type L-823 connectors. Confirm the dimensional range.
ALS 35/140
Catalog # Cable/Connector Dimension
Connector Max.
Cable/Connector Dimension
Cable Min.
ALS 35/140 1.40" 0.35” 16.0" 2.0"

*NOTE: Kits do not contain L-823 connectors