Heavy Wall Semi-Rigid Tubing, Adhesive Coated. Rated to 1kV

The Innovative Power Products HWAT series tubing is a heatshrinkable, adhesive coated semirigid tubing for insulating and/or jacketing wire and cable connections up to 1kV. HWAT is excellent for direct buried URD applications. It provides insulation thickness equal to or greater than cable manufactured to NEMA or ICEA wire specifications.

HWAT is precoated with a hot melt thermoplastic adhesive that melts and flows under the heat and pressure of the shrinking tube. HWAT’s adhesive synthetic materials, including PVC, PE, XLPE, EPR, neoprene, and most metals.

HWAT’s high expansion ratio provides a wide application range, so a minimum number of tubes cover a wide range of cable and connector diameters.

HWAT is very abrasion and chemical resistant and can be used to protect metal,.

Physical Properties
Test Method
Value (nom.)
ASTM D-1505
0.93 g/cm3
Tensile Strength
ASTM D-412
14 N/mm2
Ultimate Elongation
ASTM D-412
350 %
Water Absorbtion
ASTM D-570
Electrical Properties
Test Method
Value (nom.)
Dielectric Constant
ASTM D-150
Electric Strength
14 kV/mm
Volume Resistivity
1x 1014 ohm-cm
Adhesive Properties
Softening Temp.
ASTM D-2671
103-120 °C

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  • MWAT: Price List PL-225

  • Find the diameter required for the application. Always select the largest tube that shrinks to the smallest diameter for greatest wall thickness. Determine the tubing length as follows: Tubing length = [Connector length + seal lengths] + 10% The recommended sealing lengths are: MWAT 12/3 through 40/12 = 3” and MWAT 50/16 through 75/22 = 6”

Heavy Wall
Catalog #
600 Volt Cable nom. AWG/kcmil Inside Diameter Standard Lenghts
As Supplied
After Recovery (d) Cut length is ± 2% as supplied
HWAT 12/3 #14 - #10 0.47(12mm) 0.118 (3mm) 6(150mm), 9(225mm), 12(300mm), 48(1220mm)
HWAT 15/5 #10 - #6 0.60(15mm) 0.196 (5mm) 6(150mm), 9(225mm), 12(300mm), 48(1220mm)
HWAT 20/7 #6 - #2 0.78(20mm) 0.276 (7mm) 6(150mm), 9(225mm), 12(300mm), 48(1220mm)
HWAT 30/10 #2 - 4/0 1.18(30mm) 0.393(10mm) 6(150mm), 9(225mm), 12(300mm), 48(1220mm)
HWAT 40/12 1/0 - 350 1.57(40mm) 0.473(12mm) 6(150mm), 9(225mm), 12(300mm), 48(1220mm)
HWAT 51/16 350 - 500 2.05(50mm) 0.620(16mm) 6(150mm), 9(225mm), 12(300mm), 48(1220mm)
HWAT 78/22 600 - 1500 3.05(78mm) 0.870(22mm) 9(225mm), 12(300mm), 48(1220mm)
HWAT 90/30 Not Applicable 4.53(115mm) 1.180(30mm) 48(1220mm), 60(1500mm)
HWAT 115/32 Not Applicable 4.53(115mm) 1.260(32mm) 48(1220mm), 60(1500mm)
HWAT 140/40 Not Applicable 5.51(140mm) 1.570(40mm) 48(1220mm), 60(1500mm)
HWAT 165/50 Not Applicable 6.50(165mm) 2.050(50mm) 48(1220mm), 60(1500mm)
HWAT 200/60 Not Applicable 7.87(200mm) 2.360(50mm) 60(1500mm)
HWAT 235/65 Not Applicable 9.25(235mm) 2.560(65mm) 60(1500mm)

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