Power & Control/Tray Cable Splice Kit (Rated to 1kV)

Innovative Power Product’s control and tray cable splice kits, (ICTCS), are heatshrinkable splice kits for short lengths or damaged flexible control cables. The ICTCS kits cover a conductor range from 16-10 AWG for fixed armored and unarmored control and power cables rated up to 1000 volts. The splice kits contain all of the necessary materials to connect, insulate, re-armor and
rejacket all type TC and MC multi-conductor power and control tray cables.

The ICTCS kits provide a reliable method for splicing fixed control cables. The splice kits are an economical and permanent solution for repairing or splicing lengths of existing power and control,
tray type cables.

Installation is fast and simple; no special skills required:

• Prepare cable ends per the installation guide
• Place the splice tubes on cable
• Install connectors on each conductor
• Position splice tubes over connectors; shrink in place
• Install armoring case over splice (armored cable only)
• Center rejacketing tube over splice; shrink in place
The completed splice is flame retarded, abrasion resistant, moisture proof and provides excellent resistance to mechanical damage.

  • To download a PDF copy of the data sheet Click here.

    For a complete PDF of the current IPP catalog Click Here. If you would like the catalog in a printed version, please go to the "Catalog Request" page via the link at the top of the page.

  • The ICTCS kit contains the following:
    • Heatshrinkable rejacketing tube
    • Armoring case (type ICTCS-xxA-xx only)
    • Splice tubes (one tube per connector)
    • Tin plated copper connector (one per conductor)
    • Installation Guide

  • ICTCS: Price List PL-202

To order, find the wire gauge size and the total number of conductors, then select the catalog number.

Armored Tray Cable

Conductor Size # of Conductors Catalog #
14-16 AWG 2-7 ICTCS-07-14
14-16 AWG 8-14 ICTCS-14-14
14-16 AWG 15-21 ICTCS-21-14
14-16 AWG 22-28 ICTCS-28-14
14-16 AWG 29-35 ICTCS-35-14
14-16 AWG 36-42 ICTCS-42-14
14-16 AWG 43-49 ICTCS-49-14
14-16 AWG 50-56 ICTCS-56-14

Conductor Size # of Conductors Catalog #
10-12 AWG 2-7 ICTCS-07-10
10-12 AWG 8-14 ICTCS-14-10
10-12 AWG 15-21 ICTCS-21-10
10-12 AWG 22-28 ICTCS-28-10
10-12 AWG 29-35 ICTCS-35-10
10-12 AWG 36-42 ICTCS-42-10
10-12 AWG 43-49 ICTCS-49-10
10-12 AWG 50-56 ICTCS-56-10

Armored Tray Cable

Conductor Size # of Conductors Catalog #
14-16 AWG 2-7 ICTCS-07-12
14-16 AWG 8-14 ICTCS-14-12
14-16 AWG 15-21 ICTCS-21-12
14-16 AWG 22-28 ICTCS-28-12
14-16 AWG 29-35 ICTCS-35-12
14-16 AWG 36-42 ICTCS-42-12
14-16 AWG 43-49 ICTCS-49-12
14-16 AWG 50-56 ICTCS-56-12

Conductor Size # of Conductors Catalog #
10-12 AWG 2-7 ICTCS-07-12
10-12 AWG 8-14 ICTCS-14-12
10-12 AWG 15-21 ICTCS-21-12
10-12 AWG 22-28 ICTCS-28-12
10-12 AWG 29-35 IPCCS-35-12
10-12 AWG 36-42 ICTCS-42-12
10-12 AWG 43-49 ICTCS-49-12
10-12 AWG 50-56 ICTCS-56-12

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