Flexible Polyolefin Tubing, Military Spec. Grade

The Innovative Power Product’s INNO-FIT™ MFP 3 tubing is a very flexable, flame retarded, radiation-crosslinked polyolefin heat shrinkable tubing which meets all of the standards of UL 224 and CSA C22.2 requirements of Military Specification AMS-DTL-23053/5 Class 1 and 3. The operating temperature range is -55˚C to +135˚C.

MFP 3 tubing is available in the following standard color: black. Non standard colors: blue, green, red, white, and yellow. (other colors and sizes are available on request) MFP 3 tubing is recommended for general purpose applications such as electrical insulation, lightweight harnessing, jacketing or strain relief.

• AMS-DTL-23053/5 Class 1 & 3
• UL-224 125˚C, 600V VW-1
• UL E300022
• Meet: RoHS
• -55˚C to +135˚C Operating Rng.
• 70˚C Shrink Temperature
• Environment Friendly
• Shrink Ratio 2:1
• 100˚C Recovery Temperature

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  • INNO-FIT TYPE MFP 3: Price List PL-215

Find the diameter required for the application. Always select the largest tubing size that will shrink down on the smallest diameter. Example: for a spool of blue tubing, meeting AMS-DTL-23053/5 Class 1 to insulate a bundle of wires with a combined outside diameter of 0.65 inches, the tubing selection will be:
Tubing Type: INNO-FIT MFP3 Size: -1 Color: -Black Packaging: [spool (S) or box (B)]: -S

Tubing Size Inside Diameter Wall Thickness WT
As Supplied (D) After Recovery (d) Post Recovery
1/8" 0.125 (3.2mm) 0.042 (1.1mm) 0.58 (.023mm)
1/4" 0.250 (6.4mm) 0.083 (2.2mm) 0.64 (.025mm)
3/8" 0.375 (9.5mm) 0.125 (3.2mm) 0.64 (.025mm)
1/2" 0.500 (12.7mm) 0.166 (4.3mm) 0.76 (.030mm)
3/4" 0.750 (19.1mm) 0.250 (6.4mm) 0.76 (.030mm)
1" 1.000 (25.4mm) 0.333 (8.5mm) 1.27 (.050mm)
1-1/2" 1.500 (38.1mm) 0.500 (12.7mm) 1.27 (.050mm)

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