Semirigid Kynar™ Tubing UL REC. 600V, 150˚C (VW-1)

The Innovative Power Products INNO-FIT™ type SRK tubing is a semirigid, thin wall, highly flame-retarded, heatshrinkable Kynar™ tubing recognized by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Subject 224 as a VW-1 rated material. It has excellent cut-through and solvent resistance properties. The shrink temperature is 175˚C with an indefinite stoage life. This tubing is ideal for strain relieving or protecting components in high temperature environments. It is an excellent tubing where maximum abrasion or cut-through resistance or solvent resistance is desired.

• Flame Retarded UL-244 (VW-1)
• Excellent Solvent Resistance
• 175˚C Shrink Temperature
• Available in Clear Only
• Lightweight and Thin Walled
• -55˚C to +175˚C Operating Rng.
• Cut Through & Abrasion Proof
• Indefinite Shelf Life
• UL Recognized 600 Volt, 150˚C

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  • INNO-FIT™ TYPE SRK: Price List PL-220

Find the diameter required for the application. Always select the largest tubing size that will shrink down on the smallest diameter. Example: for a box of clear tubing to insulate a bundle of wires with a combined outside diameter of 0.65 inches, the tubing selection will be:
Tubing Type Size* Packaging [box(-B)] INNO-FIT SRK - 1 -B

Tubing Size Inside Diameter Wall Thickness WT Standard Box
As Supplied
After Recovery (d) Post Recovery 4 ft. Lengths
None 3/64 .046(1.2mm) .023(0.6mm) .010 (0.25mm) 250 pcs.
None 1/16 .063(1.6mm) .031(0.8mm) .010 (0.25mm) 250 pcs.
22-20 3/32 .093(2.4mm) .046(1.2mm) .010 (0.25mm) 250 pcs.
18-16 1/8 .125(3.2mm) .062(1.6mm) .010 (0.25mm) 250 pcs.
14-10 3/16 .187(4.8mm) .093(2.4mm) .010 (0.25mm) 50 pcs.
10-8 1/4 .250(6.4mm) .125(3.2mm) .012 (0.30mm) 50 pcs.
6-4 3/8 .375(9.5mm) .187(4.8mm) .012 (0.30mm) 50 pcs.
3-1 1/2 .500(12.7mm) .250(6.4mm) .012 (0.30mm) 25 pcs.
1-3/0 3/4 .750(19.1mm) .375(9.5mm) .017 (0.43mm) 25 pcs.
4/0-750 1 1.00(25.4mm) .500(12.7mm) .019 (0.48mm) 15 pcs.
1000-1250 1-1/2 1.50(38.1mm) .750(19.1mm) .020 (0.51mm) 15 pcs..
1500-2500 2 2.00(50.8mm) 1.00(25.4mm) .020 (0.51mm) 15 pcs.