Innovative Power Products offers a full range of heat-shrinkable cable accessories used to terminate, splice, repair, protect and seal low and medium voltage cable, equipment, and cable-to-equipment

  • IPCCS Series - Portable Control Cable Splice Kit (Rated to 1kV)

    ICTCS Series - Power & Control/Tray Cable Splice Kit (Rated to 1kV)

    SLK Series - Street Lighting Kit Rated to 1KV

    ALS 35/140 Series - Airport Lighting Connector Sealing Kit for L-823 Connector/Cable Assy.

    Low Voltage Splice Kits

    ILVS 30 Series - Clear flexible Polyolenfin tubing, military spec. grade.

    ILVS 30A Series- Flexible Polyolefin Medium Shrink Ratio Tubing w/ Adhesive Inner Wall

    ILVS 40 Series- Flexible Polyolefin Tubing w/Adhesive Inner Wall, UL Rec. 600V, 105˚C (VW-1)

    ILVS 40A Series - Flexible Polyolefin Tubing, Military Spec. Grade

    LVYS Series - Cable Tap Wye or Branch Splice Kits Rated to 1kV

    Low Voltage End Caps

    LVEC Series - Low Voltage End Caps Rated to 1kV