Low Voltage End Caps rated to 1kv

  • Innovative Power Product’s low voltage end sealing cap, LVEC is a heatshrinkable cap with a precoated adhesive for permanently sealing cable ends. LVEC is inexpensive protection for cables stored outside or in high humidity environments and is equally well suited for direct burial and cable tray applications. The LVEC caps cover a conductor size range from 8 AWG-2500 kcmil single-core, three-core and three-core armored power cables rated as primary insulation up to 1000 volts. The cap electrically insulates and permanently seals all types of low voltage cables. The LVEC caps provide excellent storage protection for medium voltage cables. LVEC caps can be removed without any cable loss.

Installation is fast, simple, and no special skills required:

For single or three-core cable not energized
• Clean the cable jacket at the end of the cable
• Position the cap and shrink in place

The LVEC caps are strongly recommended for sealing all cable ends prior to pulling the cables through conduit systems; this will prevent water in the conduit from being forced into the cable ends during pulling.

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  • A single LVEC is all that is required to seal and electrically insulate any single-core low voltage power cable, or to seal and protect three-core and three-core armored power cable for storage (not energized).

  • LVEC: PTR 305-1 Price List PL-400

  • For cables rated up to 1 kV, find the cable size and select the proper end cap, or for non-energized capping of medium voltage or three-core cables, confirm the dimensional range.
Cable Size Range Catalog # General Use Range Length Wall Thickness
    (Supplied) (Recovered)    
14 - 6 AWG LVEC 1A 0.40 0.17 1.75 0.085
4 - 3/0AWG LVEC 2A 0.80 0.34 2.65 0.115
1 - 250kcmil LVEC 3A 1.25 0.62 3.50 0.115
4/0 - 1000 kcmil LVEC 4A 2.00 0.95 4.25 0.155
1000 - 2500 AWG LVEC 5A 2.75 1.35 4.95 0.165
Not Applicable LVEC 6A 3.75 2.30 5.00 0.165
Not Applicable LVEC 7A 4.50 2.50 6.50 0.180
Not Applicable LVEC 8A 5.75 3.00 6.50 0.180
*All Dimensions are in Inches

Catalog # Standard Packing Catalog # Standard Packing
LVEC 1A 5000 pcs.   LVEC 5A 200 pcs.
LVEC 2A 1000 pcs   LVEC 6A 100 pcs
LVEC 3A 1000 pcs.   LVEC 7A 60 pcs.
LVEC 4A 400 pcs   LVEC 8A 36 pcs.

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