Low Voltage Motor Kit - Rated to 1000 Volts

Innovative Power Products low voltage motor connection kits, LVMK are heatshrinkable kits for electrically insulating, mechanically protecting and sealing bolted stub or in-line connections in motor terminal boxes. The LVMK kits cover a feeder cable size range from 14 AWG -1000 kcmil rated up to 1000 volts.

Heavy-walled, heatshrinkable materials ensure high quality insulated connections that will not unravel or fray. They will withstand the severe abrasion caused by vibration. The LVMK kits provide a reliable method for insulatinglow voltage motor connections with cramped or small conduit boxes. The connections are totally sealed to prevent corrosion.

The stub type connection is the most common since it requires minimal space. If the motor lead is too short for the stub connection use the in-line “L” style; or use a heavy walled tube and splice in additional motor lead, allowing the use of the more common stub type connection.


Fast, Easy Installation
Installation is fast, simple, and no special skills required:

• Bolt feeder cables to matching motor leads
• Wrap cloth tape over bolted connection
• Apply sealant strip as shown
• Position caps or tubes over connections; shrink in place.

  • Old taped motor connections take a significant amount of time to remove. When changing out a failed motor, the installed

    LVMK can be easily removed by the following procedure:

    • Score the caps or tubes longitudinally with a sharp knife
    • Heat the installed caps or tubes
    • Remove caps/tubes and tape; then unbolt connections

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  • The LVMk series kit contains the following:

    • flame-retarded, heav-wall caps or tubes
    • strips of puncture-resistant cloth tape
    • Sealant Strips
    • Installation Guide

  • LVMK: Price List PL-710

  • For feeder cables rated to 1000 volts, find the feeder cable size and read across to select the proper kit and other information.
Feeder Cable Size Range Connection Style Catalog # Connection Length Max. Bolt Length Max.
14 - 6 AWG Sub Type LVMK-1V 1.5" 5/8"
12 - 2 AWG Sub Type LVMK-2V 2.5" 3/4"
1 - 4/0 kcmil Sub Type LVMK-3V 3" 1"
250 - 750 kcmil Sub Type LVMK-4V 5.25" 1-1/2"
8 - 250 kcmil In-Line Type LVMK-1L 5" 1-1/4"
300 - 1000 kcmil In-Line Type LVMK-2L 8" 1-1/2"

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