Jacketed Cable In-Run Grounding Kit

Innovative Power Product’s jacketed cable grounding kit, LVWRSxxx-xG, is a heatshrinkable kit for grounding the neutral on jacketed concentric neutral cables at points along the run. It addresses the RUS recommendation to externally ground jacketed cables at least four (4) times per mile to limit shield voltage, avoid accidental shock and provide parallel return paths for phase-toground faults. The LVWRSxxx-xG kits have a wraparound sleeve with precoated adhesive, an external grounding kit and sealant. It is ideally suited for direct burial. The LVWRS xxx-xG kits cover a conductor size range from 4 AWG-2000 kcmil for single-core, jacketed power cables rated from 15kV to 35kV. The wraparound sleeve and sealant permanently replaces the window-stripped jacket.

LVWRSxxx-xG kits meet the 10 kA/10 cycles or 15 kA/15 cycles fault current test requirements. The kit uses an LVWRS sleeve that has been tested to meet the applicable sections of ANSI C119.1.

The LVWRSxxx-xG kits are the economical and permanent solution for grounding mid-run neutrals of 15-35kV medium voltage jacketed cables.

  • The LVWRS xxx-xG series kit contains the following:

    • Precoated, flame-retarded rejacketing sleeve
    • Stainless Steel closure channel
    • Stainless Steel constant force spring
    • Red Sealant Tape
    • Solder-blocked tinned copper braid
    • Installation Guide

  • Installation is fast and simple, no special skills required:

    • Window strip the cable jacket
    • clean cable jacket on each sidel
    • Connect solder-blocked copper braid with spring clamp
    • Wrap sealant around cable and over the solder-block
    • Wrap sleeve around cable and install closure channel
    • Center the sleeve over the opening; shrink in place

  • To download a PDF copy of the data sheet Click here.

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  • LVWRS xx-xG: Price List 745 Standard package: 3 kits/pkg. (bulk packaging available)

For mid-run external grounding of cables, select the LVWRSxxx-xG catalog number based on cable jacket dimensions or cable voltage and conductor size use range.
Catalog #
Cable Jacket
Dia. Range
15kV Cable
Use Range
25kV Cable
Use Range
35kV Cable
Use Range
Rated Fault
LVWRS 076-08G
0.95 - 2.00
4-4/0 AWG 1-1/0 AWG N/A 10 kA/10 cycles
LVWRS 100-10G
1.30 - 3.40
250-1000 kcmil 1/0-750 kcmil 1/0-500 kcmil 15 kA/15 cycles
LVWRS 100-12G
1.30 - 3.40
1000 - 2000 kcmil 750-1750 kcmil 500 - 1500 kcmil 15 kA/15 cycles

All dimensions in inches unless shown otherwise

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