Cable Tap Wye or Branch Splice Kits Rated to 1kV

Innovative Power Product’s low voltage branch splice kits, LVYS are heatshrinkable splice kits for making mid-run taps off fixed power cables. Common applications include street lighting taps, anode connections and mobile home service hook-ups. The LVYS kits are ideally suited for direct burial immediately after installation. The LVYS kits cover a conductor range from 8 AWG to 500 kcmil for power cables rated up to 1000 volts. The kit contains all of the necessary materials to make permanent taps on all common plastic or rubber insulated power cables.

The LVYS kits provide a reliable method for making tap splices on fixed power cables without the time consuming mixing of compounds. The splice kits have an indefinite shelf life. The LVYS kits are the economical and permanent solution for insulating and sealing mid-run taps.

Installation is fast and simple; no special skills required:

• Strip the run and tap cables per the installation guide
• Install compression tap connector on conductors
• Figure “8” wrap sealant around the run and tap cables
• Wrap sleeve and join with channel over connection area
• Shrink the wraparound sleeve in place
The completed tap splice is mechanically strong, electrical insulated, moisture-proof and provides excellent resistance to mechanical damage.

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  • The LVYS series kit contains the following:

    • Precoated heatshrinkable wraparound splice sleeve
    • Sealant strip
    • Cloth tape
    • Plastic cable ties
    • Stainless steel closure channel
    • Installation Guide

  • LVYS: Price List PL-335
    These splice kits are often used for street lighting taps in hand holes.

Section example, for a single conductor 2 AWG aluminum conductor run cable with a single-conductor 4AWG copper tap cable the kit should be: LVYS 0620-6
Catalog # Run Cable Size Range Tap Cable Size Range Sleeve Length (inches) Connector Length Max. (inches) Connector Die Index
LVYS 0620-6 6 sol.-2/0 str. 10 sol.-2/0 str. 6.0" 2.00" C, O
LVYS 0240-8 2 sol.-4/0 str. 10 sol.-4/0 str. 8.0" 4.00" O, D
LVYS 40500-10 4/0 str.-500 str. 2 sol.-500 str. 10.0" 4.50" D3, N

*Connectors: To have connectors supplied in the kits, please refer to Section 5, in this catalog for connector selection information. The connectors must be ordered seperately but can be packaged within the kits if detailed information is supplied