15kV Medium Voltage Live End Seal
Clear cap for single-core 12-17.5kV extruded dielectric shielded cable

The Innovative Power Products MVES 150 series live end seal is a heatshrinkable system for live ending (clear capping) 15kV extruded dielectric, jacketed power cable that has been abandoned but still energized. The MVES uses an extruded dielectric plug to encasulate the conductor and special materials to control electrical stress at the plug/cable-end interface and at the shield cutbacks. A heatshrinkable field control tubing is used to control stress over the interface and at the shield cutbacks. Insulating tubings reinstate the cable insulation and insulating shielding tubing reshields the joint and forms an internal seal to the cable’s semiconductive layer. Tinned copper mesh reestablishes the metallic shielding around the assembly. An end cap covers the shielded assembly’s end. A tough abrasion resistant jacketing tube and sealants provide moisture seals and mechanical protection.

MVES 150 kits provide a lightweight, compact and environmentally sealed system for live ending jacketed power cables. These features allow the installation of this system in duct systems, vaults, submersible or direct-buried applications. The system is totally sealed. Live end failures failures in flooded vaults are eliminated.

MVES kits are factory engineered to provide fast and easy installation with reliable lifetime performance.

MVES 150 live cap performance is based on the design and testing of the IPP MVJ 150 series joint for metallic tape and wire shielded power cables.

MVES kits are designed to meet the requirements of the applicable sections of the cable accessory standard IEEE-404.

MVES 150 kits cover a wide range of conductor sizes. It will accommodate out-of-round or off-tolerance cables. Four (4) kit sizes cover cable sizes from #2 AWG through 1000 kcmil.
Electrical Specifications: 15kV Related Accessories
Test Requirement
Value MVES 150
AC withstand, 1 minute (60 hz)
35 kV PASS
DC withstand, 15 minutes
70 kV PASS
Partial Discharge (Corona) Voltage (<3pC)
13 kV PASS
Impulse withstand 1.2 x 50 μs (crest kV)
110 kV > 110kV
AC withstand, 1 hour (60hz)
53 kV PASS
AC withstand, 5 hour (60hz)
35 kV PASS
Continuous current rating
Submersion test (ANSI C119.1)
Bill of Materials: Std. Pkg.(1 kit) 1 ea., 1/C extruded dielectric cable; live end seal
Item Description
Quantity Supplied
Extruded Dielectric Plug
1 per kit In All Kits
Field Control Material
As Required In All Kits
Field Control Tube
1 per kit In All Kits
Insulating Tube
2 per kit In All Kits
Shielded Tube
1 per kit In All Kits
Shielding Mesh
As Required In All Kits
End Sealing Cap
1 per kit In All Kits
Jacketing Tube
1 per kit In All Kits
External Ground Kit
1 per kit In All Kits
Cable Preparation Kit
1 per kit When Specified
Installation Guide
1 per kit In All Kits

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MVES 150 series factory engineered kits are individually packaged single-core kits. Everything is included to live end cap (clear cap), one single-core cable end.

  • MVES 150: Price List PL-634

15kv Selection Guide
Conductor Range Catalog #







#4 - 2/0 AWG MVES 151 0.40 0.95 14.0
3/0 - 300 kcmil MVES 152 0.55 1.10 14.0
350 - 500 kcmil MVES 153 0.80 1.40 14.0
600 - 1000 kcmil MVES 154 0.98 1.85 14.0

All dimensions in inches unless shown otherwise

Ordering Information
1. Find the cable’s conductor size in the selection guide above and identify the kit catalog number. This kit will be all that is needed to clear cap one single-core extruded dielectric cable. Confirm dimensional data before ordering. SPACE
For 1/C, 1/0 AWG, aluminum or copper, XLPE 15kV extruded dielectric cable with a cable cleaning kit:

For 1/C, 4/0 AWG, aluminum or copper, EPR 15kV
extruded dielectric cable:
MVES 152

For 1/C, 500 kcmil, aluminum or copper, EPR 15kV
extruded dielectric cable with external grounding kit and cable cleaning kit:
2. Add the mod kit letter designation as needed to change the base kit:

P - cable cleaning kit (Pmod)
G - sealed grounding kit (Gmod)

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