5kV, 3/C Armored Medium Voltage Joint
Straight joint for three-core armored 2.3-6.6kV extruded dielectric, shielded cable

The Innovative Power Products MVJA 3050T series joint is a heatshrinkable system for jointing three-core armored 5kV (2.3-6.6kV) extruded dielectric medium voltage power cable. The kit has field control material to control electrical stress over the connectors and at the shield cutbacks and provide internal moisture seals. Insulating tubing and shielding tubing reinsulate and reshield the areas over the spliced conductors. Tinned copper mesh and braid reestablish the metallic shielding across the joint. A galvanized steel wraparound case combined with an abrasion resistant black jacketing tube or wraparound jacketing sleeve provide the joint with external moisture seals plus mechanical protection.

MVJA 3050T kits provide a lightweight, compact and environmentally sealed system for splicing three-core armored extruded dielectric, shielded power cable. These features allow the installation of this jointing system in duct systems, vaults, submersible or direct-buried applications. This system provides a total environmental seal; joint failures in flooded vaults are eliminated.

  • MVJA 3050T kits are factory engineered to provide fast and easy installations with reliable performance.

    All MVJ kits are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of the applicable sections of the following cable and cable accessory standards: IEEE-404, IEEE-48, ICEA-66-524, ICEA-66-516, and ANSI C119.2.

  • MVJA 3050T kits cover a wide range of conductor sizes and shapes. They accommodate out-of-round or off-tolerance cables, in both round and sector shaped conductors. The standard kits fit all cable constructions including: metallic tape, drain wire or Unishield® armored power cables. The MVJA 3050T kits can be used for size transitions within the actual kit’s cable use range. Four (4) kit sizes cover armored cable sizes from 6 AWG through 1000 kcmil. When preparing the cable ends, no pencilling of the insulation is required.

Electrical Specifications: 5kV Rated Three-core Armored Joint
Test Requirement
Value MVJA 3050T
AC withstand, 1 minute (60 hz)
18 kV PASS
DC withstand, 15 minutes
35 kV PASS
Partial Discharge (Corona) Voltage (<3pC)
4.3 kV >30.3 kV
Impulse withstand 1.2 x 50 μs (crest kV)
75 kV > 200 kV
AC withstand 1 hour (60hz)
27 kV PASS
AC withstand 5 hour (60hz)
18 kV PASS
Continuous current rating
= Cable = Cable
Submersion test (ANSI C119.2)
Pass 52 cycles Pass 52 cycles
Bill of Materials: Std. Pkg.: 1 kit = 1 each, 3/C Armored Joint
Item Description
Quantity Supplied
MVJ 050 Joint (no jacket)
3 per kit In All Kits
Tinned Copper Braid
3 per kit In All Kits
Constant Force Spring
6 per kit In All Kits
Tinned Copper Mesh
As Required In All Kits
Wraparound Armor Case
1 per kit In All Kits
Black Jacketing Tube or Wraparound Sleeve***
1 per kit In All Kits
Cable Preparation Kit
1 per kit P - Pmod Kit**
Butt-Splice Connector
3 per kit Factory Quoted*
Ground Connectors
As Required Factory Quoted*
Installation Guide
1 per kit In All Kits

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The MVJA 3050T kits are individually packaged, three-core armored cable joints. Everything is included to splice one three-core armored cable, with or without grounds, less the butt-splice and ground wire connectors. Connectors can be supplied in the kits; subject to factory quote. See section 5 for connector information.

  • MVJ 3050T: Price List PL-620

5kv Selection Guide
Conductor Range
Catalog #



Length Max.
Connector O.D.
Length Max.
6 - 1/0 AWG
MVJA 3051T
0.35 0.70 3.00 0.60 48.0
2/0 - 250 kcmil
MVJA 3052T
0.55 0.90 4.25 0.80 48.0
350 - 750 kcmil
MVJA 3053T
0.80 1.30 6.00 1.30 60.0
1000 kcmil
MVJA 3054T 1.30 1.60 8.00 1.602 60.0

All dimensions in inches unless shown otherwise

Ordering Information

1. Find your cable size in the selection guide above and identify the kit catalog number. This kit will be all that is needed to splice one three-core cable less the phase and ground connectors. Confirm the dimensions when at the extremes of the size range.
2. Add the mod kit letter designation as needed to change the base kit:

P - cable cleaning kit (Pmod)
Example 1:
To splice 3/C, 5kV, 2 AWG armored cable to the same cable size and construction:
MVJA 3051T

  Example 2:
To splice 3/C, 5kV, 350 kcmil armored cable to a 3/C, 5kV, 500 kcmil armored cable cable size with a cable cleaning kit:
MVJA 3053T P

* CONNECTORS: To have connectors supplied in the kits, please refer to Section 5 in this catalog for connector selection information. The connectors must be ordered separately but can be packaged within the kits if detailed information is supplied.
** Supplied if specified.
*** WRAPAROUND SLEEVE with stainless steel channel– Contact IPP for more information.

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