5kV Medium Voltage Termination
Terminations for 1/C and 3/C 2.3 - 6.6kV extruded dielectric, Non-shielded power cable

Select the base kit for the voltage class and conductor The Innovative Power Products MVT 50N series terminators are heatshrinkable kits for terminating 5kV (2.3-6.6 kV), extruded dielectric, non-shielded, medium voltage power cables. Kits are designed for both indoor (sheltered) applications and for applications where the terminator is exposed to the elements such as precipitation or direct outdoor sunlight.

  • MVT kits are factory engineered to provide fast and easy installation with reliable performance.

  • The MVT kits cover a wide range of conductor sizes and shapes, and will accommodate out-of-round cables with round or sector shaped conductors. Three-core kits are available for armored and unarmored cables with grounds.

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The kits are packaged to provide three (3) single-core terminations for MVT 50N terminations or one (1) three-core termination for MVT 50N3 terminations. Everything is included to terminate the cables less the terminal lugs. Terminal lugs can be supplied in the kits; subject to factory quote. See section 5 for connector information.

  • MVT 50N & MVT 50N3: Price List PL-610

5kV Non-Shielded Termination Selection Guide
1/C Conductor Range
Catalog # Jacket O.D. Min Range max.
6 - 2/0 AWG
0.42 0.85
3/0 - 350 kcmil
0.75 1.25
400 - 1000 kcmil
1.16 2.05
3/C Conductor Range
Catalog # Jacket O.D. Min Range max.
6 - 2/0 AWG
MVT 51N3
1.00 2.00
3/0 - 350 kcmil
MVT 52N3
1.45 2.85
400 - 1000 kcmil
MVT 53N3
1.70 3.75

All dimensions in inches unless shown otherwise

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