35kV Medium Voltage Termination without Boot
Class 1 terminator, 3/C armored 33-36kV extruded dielectric shielded power cable using armor terminator

The Innovative Power Products MVTA 53510 series Class I termination kits are heatshrinkable terminators for three-core armored 35kV (33-36kV) extruded dielectric, shielded medium voltage power cables when an armor terminator is used to terminate and seal the cable’s armor and jacket. The MVTA 53510E series terminators are for applications where the terminators are exposed to the elements (outdoor).

MVTA 53510 series kits provide a lightweight, compact alternative to other three-core termination methods. The MVTA 53510 series kit makes installation of the armor terminator faster, easier and the system more reliable.

  • MVTA 53510 series kits are factory engineered to provide fast and easy installation with reliable performance.

    All MVT kits are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of IEEE-48 for Alternating Current Cable Terminations.

  • MVTA 53510 kits cover a wide range of conductor sizes and shapes. The standard kits fit all types of three-core armored cable constructions, including: metallic tape shield, drain wire shielded, lead covered and Unishield® cables. These kits are based on the single-core MVTA 3530 series kits with core and ground wire tubings to jacket the exposed shields. The forty-eight inch (48”) tail length allows for easy training of the termination system in switchgear or at the riser in overhead applications. Three (3) kit sizes cover all cable sizes from 1 AWG through 1500 kcmil.

    If desired, a cable ‘through-passage’ fitting can be used to seal the cable jacket while allowing the jacketed cable to enter the enclosure. This fitting is less expensive than an armor terminator and much simpler to install. When a ‘through-passage device is used, the MVTA 53510 termination should be used to protect and seal the system this combination is often less expensive than the use of armor terminators.

Electrical Specifications: 35kV Related Accessories
Test Requirement
Value MVT 53510
AC withstand, 1 minute (60 hz)
90 kV PASS
DC withstand, 15 minutes
140 kV PASS
Discharge Extinction Voltage (<3pC)
33.3 kV 33.3
Impulse withstand 1.2 x 50 μs (crest kV)
200 kV > 200kV
Wet withstand , 10 seconds
80 kV PASS
Dry withstand, 6 hours
75 kV PASS
Continuous current rating
= Cable = Cable
Bill of Materials: (Std. Pkg (1 kit) terminates 1-3/C cable end
Item Description
Quantity Supplied
Field Control Material
3 strips In All Kits
Field Control Tubing
3 tubes In All Kits
Non-Tracking Tubing
3 tubes In All Kits
Sealant Strips
as required In All Kits
Core Jacketing Tubing
3 tubes In All Kits
Ground Jacketing Tubing
3 tubes In All Kits
Installation Guide
1 each In All Kits
Options: Modification items for 1-3/C kit
Item Description
Quantity Nomenclature
Non-Tracking Sheds
12 per kit E - Emod Kit**
Sealed Ground Kits
3 per kit G - Gmod Kit**
Cable Cleaning Kit (Not Shown)
1 per kit P - Pmod Kit**
Terminal Lugs
3 per kit Factory Quoted*

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The kits are packaged to provide one each (1) three-core termination. Everything is included to terminate the three-core armored cable less the terminal lugs, external grounding components and the armor terminator. External grounding components can be included as a kit option. Connectors can be supplied in the kits; subject to factory quote.

  • MVT 53510: Price List PL-655

35kv Selection Guide
Conductor Range Catalog #



1 - 3/0 AWG MVT 53511 1.00 - 1.25
4/0 - 750 kcmil MVT 53512 1.19 - 1.82
800 - 1500 kcmil MVT 53513 1.82 - 2.25

All dimensions in inches unless shown otherwise

Ordering Information

1. Select the kit catalog number by the
cable size. The kit contains everything needed to terminate one 3/C armored cable less the armor terminator and connectors for sheltered (indoor) use.Confirm the dimensions when at the extremes of the size range.
2. Add the mod kit letter designation as needed to change the base kit:

E - sheds are required for exposed
(outdoor) environments. (Emod)
P - cable cleaning kit (Pmod)
G - sealed grounding kit (Gmod)
Example 1:
For 3/C, armored 2/0 AWG, 35kV cable installed in an exposed (outdoor) environment, using a separately supplied armor terminator and adding sealed grounding kits (Gmod):

MVTA 53511 EG - Product# Breakdown
535 -
35kV Termination kit
11 -
1-3/C term./box and kit size
E -
Exposed, Sheds included
G -
Sealed grounding kit

  Example 2:
For a 3/C armored, 350 kcmil 36kV cable installed in a sheltered (indoor) environment using a separately supplied armor terminator and adding the grounding and cleaning kits:

MVTA 53513 GP - Product# Breakdown
535 -
35kV termination kit
12 -
1-3/C term./box and kit size
G -
Sealed grounding kit
P -
Cleaning/prep kit

* CONNECTORS: To have connectors supplied in the kits, please refer to Section 5 in this catalog for connector selection information. The connectors must be ordered separately but can be packaged within the kits if detailed information is supplied.
** Supplied if specified.
*** WRAPAROUND SLEEVE with stainless steel channel– Contact IPP for more information.

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