Oil-Stop Tube

The Innovative Power Products Inno-Fit type OST tubing is a semirigid, thin wall, highly flame-retarded, heatshrinkable oil resistant tubing recognized by Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) Subject 224 as a VW-1 rated material. It has excellent cut-through and solvent resistance properties. The shrink temperature is 150˚C for easier installation on PILC and VCLC lead covered cable cores. It has an indefinite storage life. This tubing is ideal for strain relieving or protecting components in high temperature environments. It is an excellent tubing where maximum cable and transformer oil resistance is desired.

Physical Properties
Test Method
Value (nom.)
ASTM D-1505
0.93 g/cm3
Tensile Strength
ASTM D-412
14 N/mm2
Ultimate Elongation
ASTM D-412
350 %
Secant Modulus
ASTM D-882
120,000 PSI max.
Water Absorbtion
ASTM D-570
Longitudinal Change
Electrical Properties
Test Method
Value (nom.)
Dielectric Constant
ASTM D-150
800 Vols/mil.
Volume Resistivity
2x 1013 ohm-cm
Chemical Properties
Fluid Resistance
(24hrs @ 23°C)
Tensile Strength
5000 PSI min

• Excellent Oil & Solvent Resistance
• 150˚C Shrink Temperature
• Indefinite Shelf Life
• Flame Retarded UL-224 (VW-1)
• -55˚C to +130˚C Operating Rng.
• Low Installation Cost
• Cut Through & Abrasion Resistance
• Available in Clear Only

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  • InnoFit™ Type OST

    For other components necessary for making oil-stops see:
    CCB (Conductive Cable Breakout)
    CST (Conductive Shielding Tubing)
    FCM (Field Control, Oil-Blocking Material)

Tubing Size Inside Diameter Wall Thickness WT Standard
As Supplied
After Recovery (d) Post Recovery Spool Length
OST 75 0.75 (19.1mm) 0.38 (9.50mm) 0.17 (0.43mm) 200 feet
OST 100 1.00 (25.4mm) 0.50 (12.7mm) .019 (0.48mm) 200 feet
OST 150 1.50 (38.1mm) 0.75 (19.1mm) .020 (0.51mm) 200 feet
OST 200 2.00 (50.8mm) 1.00 (25.4mm) .020 (0.51mm) 200 feet
OST 250 2.50 (63.5mm) 1.00 (25.4mm) .110 (2.79mm) 50 pcs.
OST 350 3.50 (88.9mm) 1.50 (38.1mm) .110 (2.79mm) 50 pcs.

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